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The Midway Care Group Philosophy

The Midway Care Group Philosophy is founded on promoting the following core values for each and every person

Freedom of choice

We arrange person-specific plans that reflect the individual’s needs and choices with competent risk assessments. We carry out a full and detailed assessment to ensure that our service is able to meet the individuals' needs and wishes.


This means the right to enjoy privacy and time alone, as well as participating in social activities. This is be promoted for professional visits which can be held in a confidential setting. We believe that this holistic approach can benefit each person's physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.


We encourage decision-making and the provision of choice, where available, as well as advocating the individual to consider calculated risks.

Quality of life

We are proactively involved in individuals’ personal aims and goals in life, helping them achieve these through key working. Our priority is to maintain a safe and supportive environment in which the individual can develop and maintain the skills necessary to live a fulfilled life.


Developing honest and reliable relationships between staff and service users is at the heart of this, allowing the people we support to live a full and productive life. Our complaints procedure is clear, concise and readily available. Complaints will be dealt with in a confidential and timely manner. We welcome the opportunity to discuss, improve and grow for the good of our residents.


We recognise that continued family involvement is a big part of the service user's development and, to that end, the staff work together with family and friends to ensure that ongoing involvement is actively encouraged.

Why we do things the way we do

Midway Care Group has a Person-centred care way of thinking and doing things, always seeing the person using our services as equal partners in the planning, developing and monitoring of their Support and Care Plans ensuring it meets their needs and aspirations.

This means we put the people we support first, seeing them as the experts from their life experiences, working alongside with their families and other professional to get the best outcome.

We passionately believe Person Centred Care is not just about giving people whatever they want, we take an holistic approach by considering people’s desires, their values, their family, their social circumstances and lifestyles.

Seeing the person as an individual and working together to develop a holistic person centred package of support and care that is individualised.

The underlying philosophy of Midway Care Group is: it is about doing things with people, rather than ‘to’ them. We are compassionate always thinking about things from the person’s point of view and respecting people’s choices.

We have found from experience and feedback from the people and their families that we support, that Person Centred Care has a big impact on the quality of care. It improves the experience people have of support and care and helps them feel more satisfied. It encourages people to lead a healthier lifestyle. It encourages people to be more involved in decisions about their care so they get services and support that are appropriate for their needs.

Our robust recruitment and induction programme ensure our staff are supportive, respectful and trained in Person Centred Care delivery. Communication is paramount and our staff team use communication in different formats, suitable to the individual they are supporting to ensure people are listened to, continuously putting people at the centre of their care.

Evaluation of our services is built into every Support and Care Plan. We actively encourage feedback from the people we support and their families. Feedback is welcomed and received from service user’s group meetings; carers support groups and regular internal and external quality assurance.

To meet the aspects of the ethos of the service, we promote that - regardless of ability, ethnic origin, gender, faith or culture - every individual has the right to be treated equally.

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